Field Of Dreams

We believe that children should have a place to play and grow.

Field Of Dreams

We also believe that skills are critical for economic and social welfare.

Field Of Dreams Children’s Centre

Who We Are

Our Purpose

The organisation was established to redress the extreme poverty, unemployment and social problems ravaging the remote communities in Hartebeespoort area. The communities are characterised by impoverished households, disintegrated families, child-headed households and the lack of service provision. The organisation’s programmes are designed to address some of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030; this includes ending poverty, ending hunger, promoting good health and well-being, provision and promotion of quality education, reduced inequalities, clean water and sanitation, and climate action.


Our Pillar Programmes

The Organisation has four Pillar programmes that are central to the development of a better society. These umbrella programmes are farming; education; health; and awareness events. We also have meaningful events in the course of the year, and thus it is a part of our pillar projects.

Each programme has equal importance in the development of a healthy functional community that is free of social ills such as poverty, unemployment, crime, illiteracy and unhealthy lifestyles.

Educational Programs

Education is integral to the success and self development of a person.

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The Green Programme

Farming is crutial in the alleviation of hunger and poverty.

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Our Clinic make it possible to combat HIV/AIDS, TB and other life threatening illnesses.

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Awareness Events

We invite mentors and motivational speakers to implement projects or to talk to the community.

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Our Achievements for 2016

Our Achievements for 2016

OUR ACHIEVEMENTS FOR 2016 2016 was a very productive year for the centre. Below are some of our highlights... Children cross the road to us safely.   Committed Group of Volunteers.     Expanding Vegetable Garden. [gallery size="medium" columns="2"...

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