Awareness Events

Awareness Events

From time to time, outreach events and internal events takes place, these are mostly once off projects or fund-raising events. In most cases, these arise according to the immediate need of the community. Field of Dreams invites mentors and motivational speakers as well as external agents to implement a once-off project or to talk to and motivate the community. In December 2018, there was a beauty pageant initiated by an outside agent and there were many other once-off events where contributors came with gifts and strong educational messages for the community and the children.

The objectives for hosting events are:

  • To help the community formulate networks,
  • To increase and spread awareness with different issues,
  • To assist and support community members with initiatives to take it further, and
  • To introduce external resources and new ways of living, changing the norm.

Achievements and impact

Each year we host different events, from Christmas Parties that help the children to experience play in a new way as they are introduced to play resources that opens their eyes to a whole new world, helping them to dream. We also have Heritage events, where we spread the awareness of brotherhood, Ubuntu (you are who you are because of others) and bathopele (people first) principles. This has shown a sharp decrease in xenophobic slurs between the children at the learning centre.

Furthermore, we have had a focus on adolescent girls and young women especially concerning sanitary pads twice a year. This has increased the number of days a girl child attend school.

Our Latest Awareness Events


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