Our Achievements for 2016

2016 was a very productive year for the centre. Below are some of our highlights...

1. Children cross the road to us safely
2. Committed Group of Volunteers
3. Expanding Vegetable Garden
4. Motivational Speakers Spoke at Centre
5. Commitment for Stakeholder Increased
6. Usage of Sport Ground Expanded to Daily Basis
7. Events Occurring (e.g. First Beauty Pageant)
8. Great Relationship with Team & Community Members

A Woman Of Dreams

PRIDE OF PLACE: The picture of the flags at Everest Base Camp
A Businesswoman of the Year, Lee den Hond has climbed Mount Everest and plans to run across a desert – all for a good cause.

Written by: Samantha Hartshorne

Whoever will be kind to them?

...are the words that spurred Lee den Hond to summit Mount Everest and raise more than R1 million to build a children's centre for a community near Hartbeespoort Dam. The chief executive has made her accomplishment count for the hundreds of needy children she has come to know.

"Many of them are child-headed households - there are about 2500 kids in the community."

Lee den hond - woman of dreams
Lee den Hond

As the owner of successful company Blue Platinum events, and a Businesswoman of the Year winner, Den Hond is no stranger to challenges. But she has found a passion beyond achieving personal goals – Mount Everest was just the beginning of her journey with Field of Dreams.

“I am planning to run the Marathon des Sables next year in Morocco. It is a seven-day unassisted run across the desert. My big challenge there will be sore feet and the heat.”

Her charity, Field of Dreams, will once again benefit from money she raises from which she plans to build a clinic.

The clinic she is planning to build at Field of Dreams will bring much-needed chronic care and emergency services to the
community. “I appeal to all South Africans to run this race with me and help me achieve even more for the kids.”


67 Minutes: Mandela Day

mandela day

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

-Nelson Mandela

The 18th of July 2016 was a special morning for all of the pre-schoolers at the Schaunmburg Combined School in honour of Mandela Day.  All pre-schoolers received hot dogs, lucky packets and toys.


Field of Dreams Clinic Background

Tshwane Mobile Health Consulting


Tshwane Mobile Health Consulting has been involved with the community of Schaumburg for over six months and has been providing primary health care services to both adults and children there. Before commencement of services, TMHC conducted a Health Risk Assessment to obtain the baseline health problems in order to formulate a responsive health programme to meet the needs of the community.

To date, TMHC has seen more than two hundred children falling within the ages of 0 – 12 years old with health-related problems. Most of the problems seen there are related to the living conditions under which they live in and to a greater extent, related to poverty. The following are challenges which have been picked up during consultation with the community of Schaumburg.


Health challenges of children between the ages birth – 12 years

Most children presented with conditions related to malnutrition: scabies, skin problems, vitamin deficiency conditions.

Immunization: most children either have never received their scheduled immunizations or have skipped a few vaccinations. This predisposes them to secondary infections / illness.

Burn wounds, especially now in winter, as a result of lack of supervision from parents and use of coal stoves.

Most presented with infestations from worms (ringworms and tapeworms) due to poor living conditions.

A few cases of poisoning (paraffin or rat poisoning) have also been noted.

Diarrheal and vomiting condition (running stomach).

Over and above the conditions mentioned, there cases of minor ailment like flu, stomach aches, toothaches, etc.

Other general problems relate to lack of proper documentation (birth certificates) and that makes if difficult for them to receive help from hospitals.


Benefits of having a permanent clinic

The presence of a permanent and sustainable healthcare clinic will go a long way in managing present health-related problems.

There will be an immediate response to treatable health conditions before they complicate.

There will be easy access to health care at a time convenient to the community.

Medical emergencies will be immediately seen, stabilized and managed and / or referred to other facilities, thus saving lives.

There will be continuous support to the parents in as far as health education is concerned.

Treatable and preventable illnesses will be easily managed and treated if there is access to the clinic every day.

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Holiday Program

Holiday Program

The Field of Dreams facilitates a “Holiday Programme” where the children can safely spend the day during their school holidays.

Each child receives food for the day as well as has the opportunity to play sport , namely soccer , netball and recreational games.

The toy and book library is also open for the children to enjoy.