The Green Programme

Field of Dreams has two main farming projects. One is an organic garden which provide food to the community at affordable prices. The second project is community garden allotments.

Organic Garden

The Organisation has made efforts to start an organic garden project to help the communities in the surrounding areas to deal with the consequences of drought and food insecurity. The goal of the project is to have a healthy well-fed functioning community that has adequate knowledge, skills and attitude for a sustainable livelihood.

The garden will directly and indirectly provide the following benefits to the participating community members:

  • employment;
  • nutritional health;
  • and skills and knowledge.

The community is supplied with healthy vegetables, at a reasonable price. Nutritional food has been proven to enhance both physical and mental health. This will also create a healthy environment, a hopeful community that can envision a better future and act towards its attainment.

The objectives of the project therefore are:

  • To provide employment to the community,
  • To provide skills and training in agriculture through workshops, and experiential learning,
  • To provide healthy food for the community,
  • To promote a healthy environment, and
  • To help the organisation become sustainable.

Achievements and Impact

In the past year (2018) we were able to have the garden functioning independently in a sustainable way. The profits are not as projected to help the organisation become sustainable, however, it is the first step. We also have two women working the garden and getting their salaries from it. We have also provided small businesses inside the community with fresh vegetables, promoting healthy food and environment.


Two of our biggest challenges were drought and frost. We were able to find frost covers for the plants but they were not enough. Finances are also challenging at the moment as we have not enough profit to reach our structural needs such as poles, netting, water tanks and frost covers, where should we get more finances more effort will be directed towards.

Community Garden Allotments

The inception of Community Garden Allotments is based on the above arguments; it is also an organic garden. However, the community members are provided with a piece of land (12 m2) and water to plant their own crops and vegetation. Community members are provided with more space should they fill up their initial allotment. The community members contribute 20 percent of their sales towards the organisation for sustainability purposes.

The objectives of this project are:

  • Help individuals take ownership and responsibility of their own development, and
  • To teach community members of seasons and types of plants and vegetation for each.
  • Providing the community members with farming skills
  • Economic empowerment.
  • To enhance the community’s healthy lifestyle, and
  • To help reduce/eradicate hunger

Achievements and impact

The project began in 2017 with farming training to teach the types of seasons and favourable plants for each. Although the number has since gone from 24 participants to 8 families, the impact is enormous. Women have opened their own veggie shops. Instead of one member coming to work the field, a whole family comes which was not anticipated. At the moment, the allotments feed 8 families and provide financial security to the families.


The main challenge is commitment to the programme. Although the members of the community suggested that this would be a great project for them, there is still lack of commitment. A possible solution to this is to use the success stories in order to invite more families to a part of the programme.

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