In 2013, Lee den Hond carried the South African flag to the summit of Mount Everest in Nepal. What started as a personal adventure, evolved into a significant goal to raise the funds which have now built a children’s centre called the Field of Dreams.

On Everest, it was minus 34 degree Celsius temperatures. This epic journey took 2 months.

In April 2017, Lee carried the South African flag again. This time, it was 50 degrees Celsius, in the Sahara desert undertaking what is known as, “The stuff of legends and the toughest foot race on earth”.

In November 2019 Lee will partake in yet another race for charity – the Everest Trail Race. One of the toughest high-altitude races on the planet.

Lee is undertaking this mammoth task to raise awareness and raise additional funds for the Field of Dreams Children’s Centre.

The Everest Trail Race spans over 153 kms … in 6 days.  “The actual distance itself is pretty meaningless in the face of the depletion of oxygen, the temperature ranges and the brutal range in altitude of more than 25,000 meters.”

Winding through the remote Solukhumbu region of the Himalayas in Nepal, the Everest Trail Race meanders along hard trails of frozen earth, through crisp snow covered trails, seemingly endless stepped rocky ascents and spine-chilling descents punctuated with single track wired suspension bridges.

The Field of Dreams Children’s Centre was Lee’s vision for the children of the Schaumburg community, an informal settlement outside Brits.

The Centre was built from funds raised from the Mt Everest climb and opened its doors on 5 December 2015. It provides a safe and learner-friendly space for children and adults.

Be a part of this courageous venture and join Lee in achieving her vision by making a donation.