The community allotments have proved to be quite an outstanding programme, it has went from bad to great while attracting other families to come and have a small garden in our fertile grounds. The 8 families have been able to do wonders with the spaces they occupy.

We have witnessed over the years the beauty and creativity of planting. With some families going for mixed crops, planting different vegetation together, and to our surprise they did not choke each other out, they al grew to their best potential.

You might have a  small piece of land need to plant as much food as you can. We all know that healthy food is very expensive, why not plant it in your own small garden?

Inspired by the allotment, we have gone through the trouble of putting something together for you so that you know which plants can grow together without hindering the growth of the other.

We are going to start with 1) tomatoes,2) kale, 3) beans, and 4) cabbage; we know you love them. Good companion plants for tomatoes are asparagus, basil, corn, mint, chives, parsnip, onion, parsley, carrot , marigold, and celery.

Good companion plants for kale are  lettuce, cucumbers, dill, onions, potatoes, spinach, sage, garlic, and celery among others.

Good companion plants for beans are carrots, eggplant, cucumber, chard, celery, radish, potatoes, peas, corn and strawberries among others.

And lastly, cabbage grows well with beets, celery, onion, lettuce, chamomile, lavender, marigolds, peas, lettuce, dill, and mint among others.

So there you go, plant something even when the space is not on your favor.