Our Purpose

To create a place for children simply to be children and have fun.

To build a safe, functional environment for play, sport, art and educational activities and to provide a well-run and innovative community centre to make a difference in the lives of those who use it.

We believe that children should have a place to play and grow. We also believe that skills are critical for economic and social welfare. So apart from a space to play, we are planning and implementing projects that will contribute to skills and awareness for both children and adults.

We are examining different ideas and plans – including after school and agricultural projects and knitting and sewing programmes amongst others. Essentially, we want to use the Centre as a platform to build successes out of many and any, big and small ideas collaborations.

The design intended for the Field of Dreams precinct is HUGE! We began with a “blue skies” approach to keep focused on a big vision.



  1. Jane Watson

    This is wonderful!!!
    Thank you everyone for starting this much needed school.

    Love and light,
    Jane Watson

  2. Lerato Modau

    Thank you so much everyone for putting this together, I know it takes a lot of dedication , hard work and most importantly passion for humanity. I do not have much to offer but I would love to take part in growing this project.

    I grew up in this community and every time I go there I see the difference this centre has made in my community. Life Is about making a difference and Fields of Dreams made the greatest difference in my community.

    Gratitude Beyond measure
    Lerato Modau

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