Our Team

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

We have a phenomenal team at Field of Dreams. It is visible that every Volunteer gives straight from the heart. We are so fortunate to share our Journey with people whose first priority is the safety of our Children. We work together, all of us, and we stand with one another through thick and thin.

Volunteer Teachers:
The dedication and determination of these group of women has proven over and over that if you put your mind to something it can be done. Each of our Volunteer Teachers lives in our Community and has been with us from the first day our Children came to us. Their innovative spirit is something to aspire to. And on Fridays dancing is included with them leading. What a team! Read More...

Volunteer Grounds-men:
Our Grounds-men are mostly referred to as our “Multi-tool”. They simply can do anything. Their main role is to look after the grounds, the buildings, ensure that everything gets cleaned, tidied up and so forth. However, they are key to get the children safe across the road. Every morning they are on duty from 7:30 with their red flags and reflective jackets right at the crossing across the school. And that is not all, they jump in to assist with our Children at any given time to setup the video for the day, help to organize groups, and sometimes reads to the children. Read More...

Volunteer Kitchen Ladies:
These are the wonderful women who sees to it that our children and the rest of the team is fed twice a day with meals and beverages. They are relentless in their preparations plus they ensure we have a spotless kitchen to keep everyone healthy and proud. Their smiles and nurturing our Children receive from our kitchen Ladies is valuable beyond measure. Read More...